Anti Identity Theft 12.0: Leading Anti Identity Theft Software Protecting Computer Users In The UK And USA

Anti Identity Theft 12.0

Anti-Identity Theft protects you from identity theft threats, while you use your PC. Simply install it - and forget it. Anti Identity Theft ensures you aren`t infected by spyware threats and constantly clears private information from your PC. Bundles with a FREE guide to identity theft, FREE lifetime updates, FREE system optimization tools & much more.

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Identity Protection 1.5: Remove Spyware, Clear your Tracks, Secure your Computer from Hackers.

Identity Protection 1.5

Identity Protection is a powerful, easy to use security suite for protecting your computer and internet identity from hackers. Identity Protection features secure utilities to clear your internet and computer histories/activities, securely encrypt files and directories - so only you can access them, scan your computer for adware and spyware infections (and remove them as well), and even scan your computer for possible Windows exploits.

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Atherion`s Identity Pro Lifetime 2.2: Identity Pro is an Identity Scanner.

Atherion`s Identity Pro Lifetime 2.2

Identity Pro complements your antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and other security programs to protect you against a new type of threat: identity theft! Viruses and malware can ruin your PC, but ID theft can ruin your life! Automatically seek out and protect your important data. You`ll be surprised at how much of your information is kept on your PC, from web forms to emails. Once you know whats there, you can delete or encrypt with ease.

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FTC Red Flag Rules Wizard 2.0: FTC Red Flag Rules Wizard - easily create an Identity Theft compliance plan.

FTC Red Flag Rules Wizard 2.0

FTC Red Flag Rules Wizard (aka Red Flag Wizard) allows you to easily create an Identity Theft compliance plan. Under the Red Flags Rules, creditors must develop a written program that identifies and detects the relevant warning signs – or “red flags” – of identity theft. These may include, for example, unusual account activity, fraud alerts on a consumer report, or attempted use of suspicious account application documents.

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Mirrapass Login and Password Manager 2.1.0: Safely store and manage your passwords. Login to websites with a single click.

Mirrapass Login and Password Manager 2.1.0

identity and never forget a password again. Mirrapass can secure your online identity and manage your passwords to protect you against fraud and identity theft. Now you can automatically and securely save your login information, so you do not have to remember a different password for every website - Mirrapass will remember all your passwords for you. Even better, you can login to each website with a single click. With identity theft and online fraud

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EZStoredProc 2.0.0: EZStoredProc generates stored procedures for MS SQL Server tables with ease.

EZStoredProc 2.0.0

EZStoredProc generates stored procedures. Simply right-click to generate stored procedures for databases and tables. Execute stored procedure script directly from EZStoredProc. Option to use identity field and/or primary key fields in Where clause. Generate Insert, Select, Update, and Delete stored procedures. Generate "Grant Execute" statement for each stored procedure. Return identity value from table.

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Panda Global Protection 2012 5.00.00: Enjoy total security and ensure information integrity

Panda Global Protection 2012 5.00.00

identity theft and all other Internet threats. Compatible with Windows 7. Protect yourself from all kinds of online threats: virus, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and all other known and unknown malware. Keep your inbox spam-free and navigate safely and privately on the internet with the new Panda safe Browser. Your children will navigate safely on the Internet with the improved Parental Control, while the Panda Secure Vault will allow you

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Whitenoise Computer File Security 5.0: Identity key for your hard drive. There is no change in user behavior.

Whitenoise Computer File Security 5.0

SCM Preventing the Wiki Leaks scenario and creating a secure network requires ONLY three things: 1. Secure network access. All users are identified by a UNIQUE key that performs dynamic identity verification and authentication (DIVA). 2. Secure data transmission. All transmission had identity based encryption. Secure File Interchange 2 (SFI) establishes a dynamic distributed key infrastructure (DDKI) framework. 3. Secure data storage. All data is automatically saved with identity based encryption.

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GuardedID 2.0: GuardedID encrypts typed keys to hide them from spyware plus exposes clickjacks

GuardedID 2.0

GuardedID Provides Powerful Online Identity Theft Protection. GuardedID`s innovative clickjack defense, keystroke encryption and anti keylogging technology protect you from identity thief`s favorite new tool... keyloggers. Industry experts state that approximately 80 pct of keyloggers are escaping detection by leading antivirus programs. GuardedID secures your online credit card purchases, banking, email and browsing experience from keyloggers.

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Crypto Composer Info Security, Personal/Corporate Privacy, Identity Authentication & Management

Crypto Composer

A user can use it to protect on- or off- line privacy, to manage online digital identity on the global scale, to limit disclosure of personal social relationships to intended parties and to guards rights in the digital world. This declarative, modern cryptographic security system allows fine grain private person to person identity, secured access control and messaging, DCE that is uncoupled to the hardware and software environment.

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